The ‚Innovations- und Mutmacherpreis 2015‘ awarded by the ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘

In the evening of March 4th, 2015 the awards show for the ‚Existenzgründer- und Innovations- und Mutmacherpreis 2015‘ from the ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘ took place in the media docks in Lübeck. The histories of the eight companies nominated for this prize were presented highly imaginative by the organizers. A suitcase signed with the different brand names contained the various components and ideas of the respective company’s founders. In order to show the genesis of the ‚Marzilade‘ production Mr. Jörg Mikolajewski put some berries and marzipan into a pot and subsequently conjured up a glass of ‚Marzilade Red Currant

But between the presentation of the ideas and the announcing of the winner of the prize another exciting minutes passed but in the end we were overjoyed when the Minister for Economic Affairs, Mr. Reinhard Meyer, handed over the desired award for the ‚Innovationspreis 2015‘ to our ‚Marzilade‘Team. ‚Often it is just a simple idea and you ask yourself why you didn’t hit on that‘, he said in his capacity as the patron of the event.

The innovation prize is endowed with EUR 3.000,- and an additional media package worth EUR 2.000,- both granted by the ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘. Equally the remaining other 6 nominated companies had the pleasure to get a ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘ media package worth EUR 1.000,- 

The subsequently awarded ‚Existenzgründerpreis‘ worth EUR 5.000,- and granted by Mr. Gregor Wintersteller from ‚Juwelier Mahlberg‘ was awarded to the company ‚Schneid Lightings & Furniture‘ in line with a EUR 2.000,- media package from the ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘. 

Here we would like to express our thanks to the ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘. Thanks for awarding us the prize, for the media package and for organizing the complete course of action, for the support given by all colleagues and representatives, for taking the pictures and for the reports...No matter if before the awards ceremony or in the course of time of this event or afterwards: everything was perfectly arranged and organized.

The award for the ‚Lübecker Nachrichten Innovations- und Mutmacherpreis‘ is now found in our office in the Engelsgrube. Our compliments to the designer Mr. Rüdiger Bachorsky.