History of the Marzilade

Sometimes a good idea is the result of a fortunate coincidence. And this is how our Marzilade came into being.  Actually it was private luck which drove Gabriele Thiele to Lübeck in December 2013. In line with her removal to the Hanseatic town the freezer had to get empty and thus Gabriele cooked some strawberry jam together with her daughter Marie. The glasses were already prepared when they suddenly threw a glance at the marzipan left over from an unsuccessful attempt to produce chocolates.
How would that taste? They added as much marzipan as they could stir. The result was so convincing that Gabriele and her daughter had the intention to buy a similar product with other fruits. But they couldn’t find anything comparible-neither in the local shops nor in the internet.

The company’s name was quickly found: they took a mixture of both first names and added an additional ‚l‘ in Gabriele‘s name. And the name of the product was created in the Jepsen family as well. 
After selling the first 200 glasses without any other help, they organized the Marzilade production together with the so-called ‚Piratenkombüse‘ situated in Lübeck-Kücknitz, they completed the internet homepage and advertising material and set up a small shop-window in Gabriele‘s office in the Engelsgrube which was not used at that time. Soon after that her son Henning Jepsen became the third business partner. 

It was first time in August that Marzilade became part of the assortment of the Edeka supermarket Merchel in the Mönkhofer Weg. Next was the Edeka Supermarket Krause in the Hansering. The product sold well and so the organisational course had to be adapted continually. Marie Jepsen took over the bookkeeping work, Henning Jepsen was responsible for sales and delivery and Gabriele Thiele –former Jepsen-did the marketing and acquisition.
At the end of February 2015 the large-scale trader Liebing from Pinneberg agreed to upgrade his assortment for the Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg customers with Marzilade. By now you will find our Marzilade on the Sylt island as well as in Edeka supermarkets in Hamburg.

At the beginning of March 2015 the Marzilade team with Marie and Henning Jepsen and Gabriele Thiele won the so-called ‚Innovations- und Mutmacherpreis’ sponsored by the newspaper ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘-an award which is given once a year to courageous and innovative start-up companies. Our client, Fr. Fürstenau, had the idea to compete for this prize. Our team was extremely surprised when we were nominated together with 7 other enterprises out of all in all 50 other applicants. By this nomination we had already won a media package of the ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘ in the amount of EUR 1.000,- The prize award on March 4th was even more surprising. When the Minister for Economic Affairs in Schleswig-Holstein, Mr. Reinhold Meyer, awarded the ‚Innovations- und Mutmacher Preis‘ 2015-endowed with an amount of EUR 3.000,- and an additional media-package for EUR 2.000,- by the ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘-to Henning Jepsen, the exultation in the ‚Marzilade‘ team was overwhelming. To win this ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘ award was another milestone in the ‚Marzilade‘ history for which the Jepsen family is full of gratitude towards the jury and the ‚Lübecker Nachrichten‘. New distribution channels were found, new trading partners became aware and could be won permanentely. It was stimulating to experience our new Lübeck contacts and the often shown solidarity.

 It was on March 17th, 2015 when even more people in Schleswig-Holstein became aware of our Marzilade due to a broadcast by the local radiostation RSH and by this still more Marzilade-Fans could be obtained via our online shop www.marzilade.com. At that time-in August 2015-our Marzilade is also available at the Citti- and numerous Famila supermarkets belonging to the ‚Bela‘ trading company, in many Edeka supermarkets, various delicacy shops in Germany, in the local ‚Europäisches Hansemuseum‘- ‚European Hanseatic Museum‘- as well as in the Tourist Information at the ‚Holstentor‘ and in many other retail trade shops.